The Ars Mirabilis project

The mission of the Ars Mirabilis project is to divulge contemporary art through a curated exhibition of works of art realized by emerging artists.

Our online art gallery already features more than 300 artworks
made by over 100 contemporary artists.

We display various style of contemporary arts: from abstract paintings to hyperrealism portraits, from colorful pop art to black & white pencil artworks.

We differ from other online galleries of art, because we not feature only classic paintings and illustrations but we offer space also to other form of art like sculpture and murals.

We spread our love for art worldwide and our featured artists come from every place in the world: from the forests of Brazil and New Zealand, to the deserts of South Africa and the Emirates, passing from the ye olde Europe countries, to the Americas and the Asia.
If you are wondering where we are located… the answer is Italy, la culla dell’Arte.

In addition to this website, be sure to check out also our Instagram profile born to stimulate the sharing and discussion between artists, art collector and art lovers. Please follow our profile and leave a like to any work of art that arouse an emotion in you, this will make you an art supporter and also it will help an emerging artist to realise his project.

We are focusing on the beauty and not the marketing of art, so our website doesn’t offer a direct sale service, but to support an emerging artist we strongly suggest you to contact directly the artist for artwork prices and for work on commissions quotes.

Thanks for reading why and how we created the Ars Mirabilis project and if you liked it please share our project on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or everywhere you want, then continue the visit of our online gallery of art.

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